Monday, 21 March 2011

Against all odds.

5 models
3 stylists
1 makeup artist
1 film guy
And little old me..

After months of preparation and only 4 short weeks ago the date being set, my brain baby is coming to life.

I was talking to a friend last night about how he spend 5 years after college working in blockbuster and then decided to go to university. I can only imagine how hard that must of been, doing the same no-brainer thing day in, day out and then go straight back into the mind fuck which is university. I think it takes great courage to do something like that, but it saddens me think that it took him 5 years to realise what he should of done so to begin with. I’m just glad I found my vocation in life now and I know no matter how hard times will get, no matter how I might loath the fact I’m a freelance, no matter how I might crave a regular income I know this is what I’m meant to be doing in life.

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